Seafood Fried Rice


  • Rice 125g
  • Chilli (diced) 20g
  • Wafu dressing 75g
  • Crabstick 25g
  • Whole egg type 2 40g
  • Onion (chopped) 10g
  • Garlic (chopped) 10g
  • Shrimp 25g


How to make

1. Sautee chopped onion and garlic beforehand, add shrimp and crabstick, then stir it

2. Next add rice and some wafu dressing, cook it until it’s done

3. Add some diced chilli, stir the fried rice again, then arrange it to the designated plate

4. Seafood fried rice is ready to be served


Product used

Wafu dressing

Whole egg type 2