Kakiage Rice Bowl

Made with Love

Kakiage Rice Bowl


  • Rice 100g
  • Tempura sauce 50g
  • Carrot 50g
  • Onion 20g
  • Green bean 20g
  • Shiso leaf
  • Flour 150g
  • Water (cold) 70g
  • Egg 1pc
  • Salt 1g

How to make

1. Cut all of the vegetables into long thin slices, make sure all of them are the same size

2. Mix cold water with egg and flour, then mix it well

3. Add the vegetables to the batter, then mix it again nicely

4. Preheat the oil, then fry the kakiage batter until it turned yellow-brown

5. Serve the rice to the bowl, then arrange the kakiage on top of the rice

6. Separately serve the tempura sauce on a separate bowl

7. Kakiage rice bowl is ready to be served

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