Kenkomayo Udon Carbonara

Made with Love

Udon Carbonara


  • Udon 150g
  • Water 10g
  • White sauce 50g
  • Green bell pepper 25g
  • Cheese sauce 10g
  • Beef bacon 20g
  • Parsley
  • Ontama 1pc

How to make

1. Boil udon noodle with hot water

2. Separately, mix 10g of hot water with white sauce, then mix it well

3. Stir-fry smoked beef bacon lightly, then add the white sauce mix following with the udon, then mix all the ingredients

4. Arrange the dish to the designated plate, then crack the ontama open on top of the dish

5. For finishing touch, pour some cheese sauce all-over the dish using zig-zag pattern

6. Udon carbonara is ready to be served

Product used

White sauce

Cheese sauce