Blackpepper Mayo Puff Pinwheels

Made with Love

Blackpepper Mayo Puff Pinwheels


  • Omayo Sakura 70 g
  • Omayo Black Pepper Sauce 30 g
  • Greenfields Mozzarella Cheese 60 g
  • Puff Pastry 1 pcs
  • Red Bell Pepper 20 g 
  • Yellow Bell Pepper 20 g 
  • Onion 10 g
  • So Good Chicken Sausage 35 g
  • Beef Pepperoni 15 g

How to make

  1. Heat the oven until 200°C
  2. Create the fillings : mix Omayo Sakura and Omayo Blackpepper in a small bowl.
  3. Prepare puff pastry dough, roll out it (preferably still on parchment paper).
  4. Add fillings and roll, leaving 1″ gap at the end. Brush gap with egg wash and complete the roll.
  5. Add Greenfields Mozzarela Cheese, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, sliced onion, So Good Chicken Sausage, and beef pepperoni.
  6. Complete the roll, then slice 4cm circle.
  7. Put the sliced dough on a tray and bake for 25-30 minutes. 
  8. Serve it well.


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