Webinar Omayo x Ayam Ulu : Healthy yet Easy - All About Teriyaki

Healthy yet Easy, a live cooking demo from mayo will bring you menu that easy to cook and easy to eat, also will inspire you to get a healthy lifestyle.

Conducted by Rizky Khariswan along with Chef Anwar fron Intan Kenkomayo Indonesia, Healthy Yet Easy in collaboration with Ayam Ulu, will present special menu such as TERIYAKI SAUSAGE STIR FRY and TROPICAL TERIYAKI SKEWER on :
Friday, 26 February 2021
14.00-14.30 WIB
live at  instagram @Omayo_IKI
also you can join us interactively on Microsoft Teams ( https://bit.ly/webinaromayo3)

We also will bring special gift to 3 luckiest person on this event.
So, don't hesitate to join us ! See you!