Webinar Omayo : Healthy yet Easy - All About Beef Yakiniku

Healthy yet Easy, a live cooking demo from Omayo will bring you menu that easy to cook and easy to eat, also will inspire you to get a healthy lifestyle.

Conducted by Rizky Khariswan along with Chef Rudi from Intan Kenkomayo Indonesia, Healthy Yet Easy, will present special menu such as Fish Katsu Tropical and Beef Onigirazu on :
Friday, 26 March 2021
14.00-14.30 WIB
live at  instagram @Omayo_IKI
also you can join us interactively on Microsoft Teams ( https://bit.ly/webinaromayo4)

We also will bring special gift to 3 luckiest person on this event.
So, don't hesitate to join us ! See you!